Change is the Only Constant

Why are some people so resistant to taking responsibility for their own health?

The expectation is for someone else to “fix” them. So much of what ails us is down to the way we use ourselves, locked in tension and poor posture can affect breathing, digestion, stress response, musculoskeletal pain, as well as performance in sports and hobbies. In addition poor ‘use’ can exacerbate other medical issues and get in the way of the natural healing process. Only you can change the way you use yourself, but as an Alexander Technique teacher I can guide you as you get in the driving seat.

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Fear of change is why I think people look to others to fix them. They want to get better, but they don’t want to change! How is that even logically possible?

Do you self identify with your current style of thinking or the words that run through your mind? Afraid that change will mean you’re no longer yourself?  Are you the same person you were at 10? 20? 30? Would you even want to be? To improve you need to embrace change. And yet counter-intuitively, that change will lead you to being more yourself, undoing unhelpful nurture and revealing your truer nature. You’ll find yourself in the spaces between those words!

Your muscles only do what the central nervous system guides them to do, both directly and indirectly, the brain being the primary active component. So to relieve tension and aches and pains you need to change your thinking.  Not what you think about, but the quality of your awareness. A busy and overactive mind will lead to a busy and overactive nervous system causing you to do over do all your movements with too much effort and tension. Embodied mindfulness is the game here.

Change is the only constant. It’s the only thing that will lead you to improvement. Why not be the agent of that change?

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