The Newness Of It All




There has been a lot of new stuff to get my head around recently. We celebrated my mum’s landmark Birthday as she entered a new decade; my nephew started school for the first time; I am approaching a whole year in what still feels like a fairly new flat – after all the upheaval of the previous year, I started a new Pilates Class; I have been involved in a brand new project and my work is going in some exciting directions – with a new energy. The world around me too, feels a little new. Sometimes ‘newness’ feels really good and sometimes it doesn’t feel so good. I went to a Brexit event recently – I am not going to use this blog for political discussion but I will say that sometimes it is comforting to have people around you that are on the same page. The flip side however, is handling raw emotion and feelings of helplessness. Nevertheless – we move forward into an unknown, new arena. I am always learning something new in my work – whether it be through the research, or through discussions with my students but it’s so exciting to be learning all the time.

TRY THIS: Write about a time you tried something for the first time. How old were you? Where were you? Who were you with? How did it feel? Describe it in as much detail as possible. Set the clock for 10 minutes, don’t stop, don’t edit! Enjoy.

The sky’s the limit…

The Creative Writes Programme in Muswell Hill, N10 also has new creative writing workshops, to keep us all on our toes! I am excited about the Weekend Workshop,’Treasure Box – Write Your Legacy’ on 29th & 30th October 2016 at our glorious venue  in central Muswell Hill. You will be given space to write, dream and reflect. If the weather is still fine, we will be out in the inspiring gardens. Booking is in advance, some places are already taken (we have a maximum of ten in the group). Please see our bookings page on this website:

Our Themed Workshops on Wednesday evenings, Masterclasses and Skype one to ones, are all continuing and further dates for the Blocks of Workshops will be added soon.

I also plan to return to Muswell Hill library for some more free community workshops later this year. I will keep you posted.

Oh yes, the new Creative Writes flyer is coming soon too, thanks to Adam – one of the two Creative Writes’ marvellous volunteers:)


Bye for now, Nichola x


Go on – open the door!

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