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It’s January, the silly season is over, perhaps leaving you feeling flat.  The days are short, dark, cold, rainy, overcast and cloudy. Yuck & argh.   Do the winter months make you feel as if you are walking up hill wearing shoes of cement, anxious, miserable, lacking in confidence & self-esteem, downtrodden, unhappy, sad, self-conscious or any other negative emotions?

Here is a quick and simple exercise you can do to give yourself a boost:

  • Stand up
  • Put your shoulders back
  • Stand tall. Think there is a piece of string pulling your spine and head up
  • Pull your tummy in
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe from your tummy (diaphragm) regularly and evenly and slowly
  • See standing in front of you, the you, you want to be. The happy confident, secure etc you
  • Now see, feel, sense that YOU
  • Take your time
  • When you are ready walk into THAT YOU
  • Feel and sense all those positive good feelings of that other you
  • Once you do, press your thumb and index finger together and feel those good positive feelings getting bigger and stronger
  • As you breathe slowly in, feel you’re breathing in positivity and “lightness” and breathing out any “stuckness”, “toxicity”, anything that’s not doing you any good
  • Your breathe is the anchor of your attention
  • When you are ready open your eyes and bring back with you the new you

You can do this exercise as often as you wish.




By Monica Black


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