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Think back to when you first started using something new for your business. You were pretty lost, weren’t you? Every decision you made – you questioned.  Simple tasks left you feeling overwhelmed. And trying to grow your business through this new feature, that was completely out of question.

We understand that learning a new program, software or social media is hard. In an already busy world, making extra time for something else is beyond stressful to even think about. But we want you to think about this – if you could reach millions of people with only a bit more work, wouldn’t you be willing to try?

How to Get Started
Pinterest isn’t hard to get started with and in fact, you are probably already on there. Even though you might be an avid user, your thought process needs to change a bit for your business. We are going to share with you on how to get started, what you should be pinning and what words you need to be pairing with your pin.

What Type of Account: Business vs Personal
As we said before, most likely you are already on Pinterest. What you need to decide now is:

• do you want to take your personal account and convert it to a business account


• do you want to start a new account for business purposes?

While there is no right or wrong answer, we personally would convert over an already active account. Unlike with a new account, a personal account would have already established traffic, as small as it might be. Even if you decide to convert your personal account, be aware there will still need to be grooming done to have it be business ready.

What You Should Be Pinning
Pin content is by far one of the biggest growth factors for your business. Knowing how much to pin and more importantly what to pin, is incredibly important. While we are not going to dive deep here on how much you should pin, we do want to help you understand what content you should be looking for.

First and foremost, you should be pinning your own blog content – because if you aren’t working on driving traffic to your blog or obtaining product sales, what is the point? When you first start on Pinterest getting your content pinned can be overwhelming, as most likely you have a lot of work to do on presentation and organization. Our tip – just start.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can fine tune your account as you go but you need to at least get started.

The second option is to re-pin content that is already circulating on Pinterest. This option isn’t going to translate to blog traffic for you but it is a great way to build your following. Finding pins that already have a high re-pin count and are relevant to your business, are the most valuable.

Your third option available is to pin content directly from blogs you follow. While these pins might not have the same reach that high pin count articles do, there is something said about providing new content to Pinterest.  By going onto your favourite sites and pinning content, it is safe to assume other people too might like it and follow.

Pin Copy: What Do I Say?
To understand this better we want you to think about Google and SEO. While you might not understand all the ins and outs of SEO, it is safe to assume you understand there are keywords that help people find your business better. It is no different with Pinterest.

By writing relevant copy for your pin, you essentially optimize your search results.

Remember – if we waited to start something until it was perfect, we would never start it. Start making baby steps at creating a Pinterest profile you can be proud of and soon it will come together perfectly.

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