Are You Using LinkedIn?


We have not covered LinkedIn lately but nearly every industry uses it to help find and look at job candidates, and we would say over 90% of recruiters rely on it!

So, are you using it yet? Do you find it daunting and are unsure where to start?

To start with, your profile needs to be a total, honest record of your professional life.

People need to be told who you are and what you do because this is your online reputation that you need to take control of…..

What shall we include?

There are a few things that belong on every profile, it is users who list their education that will appear in searches up to 17 times more often than those who do not. Location is a very important detail: filling out this part with where you also want to work will make you appear in up to 23 times more searches!

A professional looking picture is essential because profiles with a photo will get up to 21 times more views and up to 36 times more messages this was according to Decembrele.

A summary statement, in a great pitch with at least 40 words that will talk about your skills, motivation and interests will certainly grab a recruiter’s eye.

Your headline also needs some attention. If you’re actively looking for a new opportunity think about how you use this space to get a recruiter’s attention because there are many of the same style of profiles so think of yourself differently to get ore eyes on you!

Be social!!!

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to network if you use it correctly…

Do not just save the connections you have come across in your professional life, start to actively engage with contacts by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts.

It’s great to connect with someone you’ve never met, but be sure to send a customised message in your invitation. Always introduce yourself and compliment them on what they are doing. Tell them you would like to connect.

If it’s a harder platform to engage with during the day, try the mobile app and scrolling through when you are able!

Find your voice    

Your profile is a chance to start to add some personality to your story so never just copy your CV. If you’re in sales or marketing, try to engage with potential connections.

Just think about your target audience. 

  • Is it a potential company?
  • New clients?

Start to find your voice accordingly and not too dry, be fun and likeable!

Write as a real person not just a dynamic professional with 20 years experience…

Make sure everything is up to date and relevant to your career. It’s great to include charity work where you feel it would be attractive to a company but never your experience as a youngster or back at school!!!

Relevance is key… Keep it up to date…

Update it often with examples of your work. Use papers you’ve written, projects and presentations and real-time news.

This does not even have to a traditional job, or a creative portfolio to make this work.  You need to just find something you’re proud to show off and make it visual with pictures of an event you may have planned, or a video of yourself in the professional moment.

You want to get your audience to engage with you in real life.

There are now more than 11 million active job listings on LinkedIn so spend some time scrolling through the gigs you will be interested in and start to make note!!!
Recruiters will often search LinkedIn for keywords in the description they are trying to find and you want them to come to you!!!!

These tips will help you greatly if your new to the platform and are slightly unsure where to begin!!! It is certainly the more professional, networking platform and we highly recommend any professional looking to find the right people to connect with a must for this platform!

It will take time to understand but once you have the hang of it then you will never look back!

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